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Carmiol Translations is an experienced group of professionals with ample experience in specialized translations.


Carmiol Translations is a team of highly experienced professional translators, specialized in different fields. To ensure translation of the highest quality and complete customer satisfaction, we always work with translators who are native speakers of the target language. 

General Translations

While most translators consider themselves generalists who often work on all types of translations, general translations tend to be an independent genre for which the ability to provide a natural, attractive translation, adapted to the context and the specific needs of our clients, must prevail.

Our professional translators maintain the meaning of the text while adding the creativity needed to generate lively, dynamic and smooth translations. Thus, the reader perceives the translated texts as if they had been written in their language, which guarantees success.

Some typologies in this category include the:

  • Non-specialized newspaper articles or blogs
  • Tourist brochures
  • E-mails
  • CVs and letters of recommendation
  • Gastronomic texts

Technical translations can be defined as one of the variations of specialized translations, that is, the translation of a specific sector, such as: engineering, medical industry, automotive, electronics, mining, telecommunications, metallurgy , construction and other related sectors. These types of translations are noted for the language used in the text, which is usually very specific, with terminology that is not common.

What are the advantages obtained when a company entrusts its technical translations to a team of professional translators?

  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Profitability
  • Quality

Technical translations

Certified translations

Official translations are all those documents that must be translated by a professional (official translator) endorsed by a certificate of competence.

Certified translations are legally valid to be presented to any public or private entity (ministry, court, consulate or notary).

Situations in which you may require an official translation:

  • A power of attorney or authorization issued in Germany that empowers a company representative to establish a branch in Peruvian territory.
  • A certificate of academic degree issued in Costa Rica that must be presented in France to initiate a visa or scholarship process.
  • A Colombian birth certificate translated from Spanish to English to be presented to the court in Miami, Florida, request the residence of a minor with a US parent.

It is important to note that certified translators certify through an affidavit stating that the translation is faithful to its original. That is, they do not omit or add additional information.

The sworn statement, the official translator’s stamp and professional identification number (certificate of competence) and the signature of the official translator must be on each translation sheet. These are important elements required by local or international entities.

On the other hand, some companies also require certified translations of contracts and other important documents.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Request our simultaneous interpreting services and we will gladly assist with your meetings, congresses, trips, and more.